by October 31, 2012

When: October 31st Time: 6:30pm – 8pm Where: Peninsula Grace Brethren Church. Located at Mile 19.5 K-Beach *This is a FREE FAMILY event There will be; games, prizes, costume contest, refreshments… To find out more information visit their website, **Please no scary or inappropriate costumes **Costumes are optional


by October 31, 2012

Bring EVERYONE! When: October 31st Time: 6pm – 9 pm Where: Soldotna Church of God. Located at the corner of Binkley and West Redoubt Come indoors for a safe enjoyable alternative to trick-or-treating! There will be candy for the kids, and coffee & cookies for the Adults. There will also be a local photographer there to take your child’s photo! For more information call: 262-4729

Incremental Landscaping Grows Kenai Peninsula Home Values

by October 31, 2012

It’s a guiding principal among Realtors that superior landscaping adds value to any housing for sale. In Alaska, different studies arrive at differing answers for how great that incremental increase actually is, but most agree that it lies somewhere in a range between 5% and 14%. Needless to say, that is huge! Since there isn’t anything like a universal way to define ‘good,’ ‘bad,’ or even ‘average’ landscaping, you can’t pin down its precise value. Nevertheless, what is certain is that in offering any housing for sale, the result will be greatly influenced by the first impression the property makes – its ‘curb appeal’. Landscaping is a great part of that. The landscaping term covers … Continue reading

Second Home Buyers Size Up Kenai Peninsula Market

by October 31, 2012

Lately, buying a second home here in town has become a much more attainable goal for a great many current homeowners. Partly due to the historically low mortgage interest rates I have been writing about, the affordability factor has become less of a barrier. With prices beginning to rise, those who have been considering buying a second home might take this fall as a good time to make their move – or at least to do some serious research. The first part of that effort should be arithmetical: does buying a second home make financial sense? For most people, buying a second home will entail getting a second mortgage, with the characteristics of that mortgage … Continue reading

Don’t Overdo Your Kenai Peninsula Open House

by October 29, 2012

According to the best estimate, something like 45% of home buyers use an open house viewing before making their purchase decision. I think that sounds about right – it might even be higher here in town. With such a high proportion of serious prospects choosing to drop by an open house, it’s important that we – client and agent — get it right. Under-preparing is seldom an issue: we all want to put our best foot forward when we invite the public into our home. Yet while it may be tempting to go into overdrive for that preparation, overdoing it can be a problem, too – one that can actually turn off buyers. Some guidelines … Continue reading

Kenai Peninsula Property Owner’s Safety Net Uses Banking Jujitsu

by October 25, 2012

Rare is the Kenai Peninsula property owner who doesn’t remember at least one budget-busting maintenance emergency. It may have been a roof problem; perhaps a plumbing or electrical mishap…whatever the cause, unforeseen cratering of the household bank account can furrow brows and send blood pressures soaring. For the very wealthy, it’s a non-issue. For all the rest of us, there is one foolproof method of avoiding the problem: create an emergency fund. Everyone does his and her best to save for the future – for everything from the great events in life to more modest occasions, like family vacations. But making a clear distinction between those kinds of savings and a special emergency fund is … Continue reading

KENAI PENINSULA Listings Tell Much – But Not All!

by October 25, 2012

The other day I was with a client — together we were going over some of our Kenai PENINSULA listings. She had emailed me a few possibilities that had caught her eye, and from that I had earmarked some others that shared features with her original picks. We take it for granted at this point, but digitized listings have to be the greatest of all the advances technology has brought to real estate. For both prospective area homebuyers and sellers, the ease and efficiency that has resulted puts past practices back there with horses and buggies. There are some unintended side effects, too (isn’t it always so?) The way the search features work, future home … Continue reading

Kenai Peninsula Homeowners Eye Home Sales News

by October 25, 2012

Lately you may have noticed that it has become more of a pleasure to open the newspaper when you are checking up on real estate news. In addition to the Internet news feeds, I do still subscribe to some of the old-fashioned kind, too: the ones printed on actual paper (so you can tear interesting articles out and carry them around rather than just  Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Ving them). Given the definite possibility that paper papers won’t be around much longer, I enjoy them while I still can. The Wall Street Journal is one. I opened it up on Saturday to find a headline at the top of the second page that got my attention: “Home … Continue reading

Kenai Peninsula: Kaleidoscope Holiday Extravaganza

by October 23, 2012

The countdown to CHRISTMAS has started!! Get ahead of everyone on your holiday shopping and support your KSAS PTA all in ONE TRIP! There will be VENDORS there like Mary Kay, 31 gifts, DoTerra, Tastefully simple and MUCH MUCH MORE!! When: This Saturday, October, 27th Time: 10AM-4PM Where: Kaleidoscope School of Arts & Science ***For more information call: 283-2076  

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