by December 23, 2012

As the year ends for 2012 it ends with the best year for real estate in Kenai and Soldotna area in 5 years.   The numbers are great and only looking better as we enter 2013!   The Kenai Peninsula as a whole has been very consistent over the last 5 years and slightly increasing, we haven’t stumbled and I anticipate that 2013 will be even a better year.   The following are the number of homes sold in the past 5 years in the local Kenai and Soldotna area. 2008 – 370 2009 – 402 2010 – 405 2011 – 410 2012 – 442 Another great number to look at is the price of homes, in … Continue reading


by December 21, 2012

Make the season bright Posted: December 21, 2012 – 8:43am Back    |   Next M. Scott Moon Christmas lights – too many for one photo – fill the Klimpkes’ yard in Nikiski. The drive-through setup can be seen from the air, according to its creator. Back    |   Next M. Scott Moon John Klimpke poses with decorated trees and a sign that spells “Alaska” in lights. He said he enjoys seeing the responses of people who visit his family’s display. Back    |   Next M. Scott Moon The Orlob residence is a bright spot on Ash Street in Kenai. <a href=”http://clicks.beap.ad.yieldmanager.net/c/YnY9MS4wLjAmYnM9KDE1cTFya2MwMChnaWQkYzEwNjQ3ZjAtNGI5ZS0xMWUyLWFlMTAtNmJjY2Y4NTRjNTQ2LHN0JDEzNTYxMTU1OTg5ODYxODYsc2kkMTEwNDA1MSxjciQzMDkyOTY5NTUxLHYkMi4wLGFpZCRrb3UzRFVTMHFvby0sY3QkMjUseWJ4JE9MME1xREtmX05xQUs3NmZ0MjJPZncsYmkkMTU5NTQ2MjU1MSxyJDIsaWQkbm9zY3JpcHQscmQkMTEwcGo2aG1hKSk/1/*http://alaska.conocophillips.com” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://ads.yldmgrimg.net/apex/mediastore/6cd27e13-5184-4707-a94b-3b1e6168e3cb” width=”300″ height=”250″ border=”0″></a The Klimpke’s Christmas lights are so extravagant oil platform … Continue reading

Kenai Peninsula Investors Eye Continuing Rental Property Surge. Attracting Quality Tenants Takes Quality Prep. Will Hot Rental Market Segue into 2013

by December 21, 2012

“High rental occupancy and rising rents” was how economic trend-watcher Kiplinger.com summed up 2012 – and as the nation counts down to the New Year, owners and future owners of Kenai rental property are clearly anticipating more of the same. Experienced managers have some timely advice for first-time Kenai Peninsula rental property owners as they prepare to lease in the coming year. Rule #1 for attracting quality tenants, they say, is to be hard-nosed about offering a quality product.  Rentals are hot, but that doesn’t mean a property will rent itself – especially when the goal is to attract the kind of conscientious tenant who means a trouble-free income stream. Touch-up and trim renewal can … Continue reading

City of Soldotna Adds Outdoor Ice Skating! And a new City Library!

by December 19, 2012

Soldotna City Engineer Kyle Kornelis said a number of community-oriented projects are going ahead. We got an update on construction of the new city library…   Kornelis: “The library’s in full swing. We’re still progressing with the construction, things are on schedule and we’re looking forward to getting it enclosed in and working on the interior a little more and things are going well with the library.” the library is expected to be complete in  July next year. In the meantime… Kornelis: “I believe there’s an area cleared on Ark Lake still, where folks can go ice skate. I think the Parks Department was out there, kinda’ cleaning it up just a little bit briefly … Continue reading

Questions Home Buyers Think About. Think the Way Soldotna Home Buyers Think! Knowing Out-of-Town Home Buyers’ Concerns

by December 19, 2012

One of the effects of the steady national rise in home prices is a shift in attitude by previously cautious consumers. It’s only natural to find more people focused on buying homes in Soldotna while it is still relatively inexpensive to do so. Homeowners who are listing their own Soldotna properties this winter are well advised to be mindful of those and other considerations bound to be motivating prospective customers. Buying homes – especially homes in a faraway locale – gives rise to many concerns. Positioning the way a home is marketed to anticipate those concerns can mean a sale to an out-of-town buyer on a Soldotna home-hunting trip. Some of the questions out-of-towners are … Continue reading

Listing Your Home During the Winter Months

by December 18, 2012

If you are a Kenai Peninsula homeowner struggling with the decision about whether listing your home for sale during the winter months is good or bad, there are arguments for either choice. Let’s start with the “pros”: One of the best things I like about listing your home for sale in the winter months is that the holidays work to your advantage.  Nothing says “home” better than a house that is well (and tastefully!) decorated for the holidays. By making sure the decorations accent the house rather than overpower it, you still funnel attention where it belongs: on your house! Another plus that comes with listing your home in Kenai during the winter months is … Continue reading

Have Faith? Kenai Peninsula Real estate GFEs Do!

by December 17, 2012

When you plan on getting a mortgage in Kenai anytime this winter, you’re fairly certain to run into something known as the GFE. It’s the acronym for ‘Good Faith Estimate’– and despite the reassuring name, the federal government decided they had better make it mandatory (to me, the opposite of having much faith at all). The GFE has a new format dictated by the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act which requires lenders to provide an estimate of the charges and fees due at closing. Lenders have three days to make it available. The GFE looks like a bill. It features a list of fees and charges denoted by three-digit codes. It is grouped into … Continue reading

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