7 Quick Decorating Tips for Your Kenai or Soldotna Home


Are you looking to re-decorate your Kenai or Soldotna home? Well most of you probably think you don’t have time, but think again! Here are 7 QUICK decorating tips that even the busiest person can do in a free afternoon.

1. Paint the walls: Paint is usually pretty inexpensive and easy to do in a few hours. It totally transforms the look of your room! Choosing a color is easy. Check out the fabrics in your room such as your sheets, pillows, etc. Choose a shade from the print to coat your walls with. Colors such as beige and yellow are much easier to do since you don’t have to use a base coat, so consider that in your timeline!

2. Pick a focal point: When you walk into a room your eyes are usually drawn to something immediately. It could be a bed in the master bedroom, a piece of artwork on the wall, or even a piece of furniture. Whatever it is your entire room should be centered around that object. If you don’t have a focal point, make one! Choose some artwork or furniture and make it stand out from everything else. Also, by giving the focal point a new coat of paint, a fabric update, and a thorough cleaning it will completely revitalize your room.

3. Invest in storage: Nothing says “I can’t decorate” like a cluttered home. If you find that your home is starting to get cluttered and you find knick-knacks everywhere, then the first thing you need to do is get some storage. First, get a coat rack and a shoe rack. It’s amazing how messy a home can get when your children or spouse leaves things lying around the house. Why not start organizing right by the front door?!

4. Spend money on a few expensive items rather than lots of cheap items: When you have a room full of mismatched hand me down items it takes away from the room’s focal point, nor will it look classy. Think about what you could buy with the money you want to spend. One of the best quick decorating tips you can learn is to choose more expensive pieces that will really add beauty to your home instead of trying to get as many pieces as you can just because they are on sale. It’s alright to have empty space!

5. Choose a theme for your home: Now, don’t turn your home into some crazy theme park! I’m talking about decorating your home with a certain theme throughout to make your home look more sophisticated. Think about what era you would like, a certain location, or even an artist! Decorating for your entire home with one theme is a lot less work too.

6. Redo your window treatments: Even if you only have a few minutes and little money, you can still take advantage of some of the quick decorating tips, such as revamping your windows. Many home improvement stores carry different fixtures and many curtains come in all colors! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try using a shower curtain! It doesn’t take long to remove old curtains and put on new!

7. Get into the holiday spirit: It’s amazing what putting up a few decorations for the upcoming holiday can do for your home. Start with the front door. Purchase a basic evergreen wreath and apply different decorations to it for each holiday or season. Inside, add some non-seasonal decorations to your mantle or coffee tables. Use a glass bowl to put ornaments in during Christmas time, and use that same bowl at Valentine’s Day to hold candy hearts!

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