Build Your Perfect Mudroom For Your Kenai or Soldotna Home


With our mixed climate here on the Kenai Peninsula, having a good mudroom for your Kenai or Soldotna home can make keeping your house tidy so much easier! Here are a few ideas to make your mudroom excellent!

Hose Down Area: A ground-floor basin with a drain and a wall-mounted hand spray easily accommodate dirty boots, feet, and paws. Make sure to keep a stack of towels handy for drying off, and place boot trays nearby to hold wet footwear while it dries.

Potting Sink: A shallow sink with a wall-mounted faucet will contain the mess of indoor potting and watering chores for a green thumb’s mudroom. A restaurant-style pot washer might also be installed to handle large pots and buckets. Containers, fertilizers, and gardening tools can be stored in the cabinet under the sink or on shelves above it.

Sports Locker: Baseball, tennis, basketball, hockey—when kids’ athletic commitments go year-round, their uniforms, shoes, and equipment overtake closets, bedrooms, and spare space in the garage. Designating mudroom lockers for uniforms and equipment storage puts an end to that, making today’s game kit ready on pegs in individual cubbies.

Laundry Chute: Soiled socks and soccer uniforms don’t pass go in this house: They travel straight from dirty little bodies into the laundry chute. Chicago architect Healy Rice designed this convenience into the mudroom within reach of the kids’ storage lockers.

Trash/Recycling Center: Glass, plastic, paper—what home doesn’t need an efficient way to deal with garbage and recycling? Minneapolis intern architect Pamela Vazquez designed a recycling center for one client’s mudroom, complete with a trash compactor and sorting bins. Wainscoted doors and a poured concrete counter top dress up the 4-foot-by-2-foot built-in, which is also an ideal spot to sort the day’s postal delivery, so that junk mail can get dropped right where it belongs.

I hope these tips can help you clear the clutter and help keep your Kenai or Soldotna home tidy during any season!

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