Central Peninsula Garden Club Offers Workshops


The Central Peninsula Garden Club is currently offering its
May weekend workshop schedule. These workshops are a great way to learn in a
small group setting about specific topics of interest to you. There is a
nominal fee of $5 payable to each workshop, plus any supply fees, as
applicable. These workshops are open to the public, but group size is limited,
so sign up quickly. Email Marion Nelson at mmkn@ptialaska.net
with your workshop requests. For more information about each workshop,
including locations, supply fees and requirements, visit the CPGC website at www.cenpengardenclub.org.

May 12th 2012

10 A.M.-How to Make a Hanging Flower Basket

11 A.M.-Photographing Flowers & Plants

1 P.M.- Photographing Flowers & Plants

1-3 P.M- 2nd Hand Glass Flowers

3-4 P.M.- Raising Piglets to Pigs for Meat Production


May 19th 2012

11 A.M.- Wood Lawn Furniture & Chicken Tractors

11 A.M.- Composting Process, Garden Planning and More

1 P.M.- Composting Fast and Furious

1 P.M.- Bee Keeping to Improve Garden Production of All Kinds + Honey

3 P.M.- Gardening for the Birds by Julie Cickefoose, guest speaker for the
Kenai Birding Festival.

(Kenai Visitors Center- FREE and open to the public)

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