Create a Cozy Dining Room in Your Kenai or Soldotna Home


If you have a large dining room in your Kenai or Soldotna home, you might have a slight advantage to be able to fit more people, but if you have a small space you have more of an opportunity to create a comfortable, intimate spot. Here are some ideas for making your dining room area cozy no matter what size!

1. Use a thick round table, with warm wood tones, and a deep red accented wall.

2. Use a big floor lamp to create a cozy feel.

3. Have plush, comfortable chairs to create a more intimate feel.

4. You can use oversized furniture in a small nook!

5. Have a really small dining booth like the ones you would see at a restaurant.

6. Use upholstered living room furniture as sitting room around your table.

7. Use a corner for a little “built-in” dining room table!

8. Have lots of pillows in a really small nook.

9. If you like the modern look go streamlined and simple, but cozy!!!

10. If you don’t have room inside, make a cozy dining room outside! (Make sure it’s suitable for our extreme weather 😉 )

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