Kenai Homeowner’s Springtime Checklist


nothing like being able to bask in the warm glow of well-being a Kenai homeowner gets after finishing a thorough
spring cleaning. It’s especially true when you realize how important the annual
ritual can be in protecting your greatest asset: your Kenai property.


That warm glow results
from doing more than just cleaning your home’s interior, though. It involves
maintaining the property in the ways that will prevent having to take more
costly steps later. There are three different tasks you can complete to get
your home ready for the warm weather that’s on the way. If you follow these
basic tips, your home will be looking its best – and the resulting beauty will
be more than skin deep.


of the most overlooked areas for most Kenai
properties is its foundation. It is important to check your foundation for
damage, and to patch and seal any cracks as soon as you discover them. The
foundation is one of the first areas potential buyers (and their inspectors)
examine when they get serious about writing an offer on a home. A sound
foundation is essential for the obvious structural reasons — and it can even
have an impact on utility bills.


is also prime time for cleaning out all of the gutters on your property. When
gutters clog, you can end up with leaks inside walls and into basements.  For the ladder-shy, the cost of a once-yearly
gutter clearing service can be a prudent and cost-conscious choice (as anyone
who’s experienced the major costs that result from neglecting the gutters will
tell you)!


is also a great time to paint the outside of your home. A fresh paint job gives
your Kenai property the fresh look nothing
else can. You don’t have to be selling your property to appreciate the ‘curb
appeal’ – the real difference a fresh coat gives to any house. That paint job
will also be more than just attractive: it will also prevent premature aging of
the whole exterior.


Whether your current plans are to sell, rent, or stay put in the Kenai area, you’ll be rewarded by taking a day or two each spring to focus on
these preventative care details.  If you
need a referral for a handyman or other maintenance service, I’m always happy
to recommend some of our reliable local
vendors. Call me anytime!

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