Kenai Peninsula Burglaries Can Be Thwarted by Simple Actions


Ahhhh! At the end of a busy day, who
doesn’t look forward to the surge of well being that comes with closing the
door behind you, finally able to relax now that the world is at bay. Whether
living in apartments or homes, everyone deserves that feeling of safety and
security. Yet, like most everything else, real security has to be earned.


In the area of home security, we’ve come
across both good and bad news. The good: the most recent FBI report shows that
the number of burglaries is decreasing across the nation. The bad: burglaries
are still responsible for 23% of property crimes, and total losses for those were estimated at more than
$15,000,000,000. That’s billion.  Fortunately,
a few very simple actions can reduce the chances that any of our Kenai homes will become one of those statistics.


Close and Lock Doors and Windows

This may seem obvious, but the FBI
reports that burglars don’t use force in about a third of homes hit by
burglaries. If a criminal can gain easy access through an open or unlocked
window or door — including the garage door — his job becomes that much
easier…and, from his point of view, that much safer (yes, burglars are
safety-conscious!). Since most burglaries take place during the day, Kenai homes will be significantly more secure if
their owners remember to check the windows and doors whenever they leave.


Opt For Deadbolt Locks

Most people don’t realize how flimsy
most front door locks actually are. While no lock is impenetrable, deadbolts
take longer to break. Since burglars look for the easiest way to enter homes,
most will give up and find homes with more vulnerable locks.  This seems a small detail, but thoughtful
protection like this can be a selling point for
Kenia homes whenever their owners decide to put them up for sale.


Install a Home Security System

Whether a simple burglar alarm or a
complex system with motion sensors, window and door sensors, surveillance
cameras and even 24/7 off-site monitoring, burglars who find that they are
expected know they will be risking arrest. It’s why statistics show that just
having a security sign out front can help deter break-ins.  The cost of security systems can be partially
offset by a discount (usually 5% – 10%) from your home’s insurer.


An important part of owning homes is
protecting them — and ‘the buck stops’ with you, the owner. I hope you will
consider me a trusted resource for Kenai
home maintenance and security-related referrals anytime!

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