Every edge counts when you’re selling your Kenai home and want it to stand out from all the other listings. Whether you have an underused room you have been wondering what to do with, or already have a ‘game room’ you’re looking to improve before an upcoming open house, in honor of next weekend’s Super Bowl, let’s talk about creating one of today’s most desirable extra-value features: that Kenai Peninsula Real Estate listings star, the “Man Cave!”

Find the Right Space

Lisa McDennon, an award-winning interior designer in Southern California’s Laguna Beach, likes the basement as the ideal Man Cave location.  “I think the lack of windows…is a benefit because it’s already dark and cave-like. It’s also separated from the house by a wall.”

Install the Right Finishes

Select wall and surface materials with finishes that can be easily adapted to a playroom, craft room, or family room.  ‘Man Cave potential’ may be the way to word your listings winner, because you want to appeal to buyers who have other priorities, too. In the event a potential buyer doesn’t want a Man Cave in their new home (what!?), make sure it is readily convertible.

Get the Décor Right

Sports and other memorabilia can be overdone. “Too much is too much,” McDennon cautions.  That translates into knowing when to let go of some items (or at least keep them closeted during showings.)  Choose a basic color scheme — and stick with it.

And, needless to say, make sure your Man Cave stays tidy (no brontosaurus bones left lying around)…

If you are in the preparation stages for selling your Kenai home this winter, and your basement is currently used more for storage and cobwebs than anything else, consider the added pizzazz that comes when you add some Man Cave potential. After all, what men really need these days is a quiet place to meditate on important matters (like the Super Bowl).  I am here all the time to discuss these and many other ways you can maximize your property’s Kenai Peninsula’s listings potential.

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