Kenai Peninsula Real Estate Agent Relocation Tips


As moving time approaches, most internal stress meters
start twitching around the time we have to figure out how many cartons it’s
going to take. A cross-town move is one thing — sometimes you can even handle
it yourself (with the help of bribable friends and relatives, of course).


But suppose you have just accepted a new
job promotion in Kenai. Of course, you’re
immediately excited by the adventurous prospect of the
summer’s relocation.  But suppose Kenai is located in a new zip code – and maybe
even a new state. Your move up the professional ladder could also mean spending
a lot more time and money on the move itself…and once here, the demands of your
new position will double your need to pay attention to business.


Fear not: your
Kenai Peninsula real estate agent has seen how clients achieve a smooth
transition with a minimum of stress. And we are happy to share some of the
strategies that work best:

1. Lighten the load. The more belongings
you and your movers have to pack, carry, and unpack again, the more costly the
move will be. You can significantly lower the cost by getting rid of all the
possessions you no longer use on a regular basis (there are probably more than
you think!). Hold a yard sale, donate to charity, or just give those items to
friends and family.  We real estate
agents are forever advising clients to de-clutter, but this holds doubly
true when you are relocating.  When
you’re done, you’ll feel like a huge burden has been lifted from your
shoulders! Stress meter: down.


2. Plan in advance.  Real estate agents and relocation pros will
always stress advance planning. As soon as possible, sit down and list the
steps you need to take, then put them in order. You will find this gives you
more time to make decisions, and more time to shop (and save money). For
example, if you are buying a Kenia house and
are working under a strict deadline, you could back yourself into a hurried
decision instead of allowing time for your agent to expose you to all the
additional options.  By planning ahead —
meeting with your Kenai Peninsula real
estate agent as far in advance as possible — you can allot enough time to
establish a relationship that allows your agent to introduce the full range of
neighborhood options. Stress meter: down.


3. Consider using professionals. Before
dismissing the idea of hiring professional movers because of cost, spend a day
obtaining estimates from at least two or three companies, then compare with
do-it-yourself moving costs.   You can
often obtain a binding estimate that is valid for about 60 days.  Compare those figures with the cost of
renting a truck, driving the distance, and hiring moving help on one or both
ends.  Hiring professionals is a one-time
cost that will relieve you of the hassle – not to mention the emotional toll –
at a time when your attention should be directed to your profession. Stress
meter: way down!


The move to a new town can be anywhere
from nerve-jangling to serene.  If your
future could include relocating to the Kenai
, please feel free to contact me for some practical local
advice.  We have many excellent
neighborhoods here in Kenia that I’d love
you to see!

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