KPC Looking for International Host Families

kpc-logo-1Kenai Peninsula College (KPC) is seeking host international families for students who are in the Youth for Understanding program. You will have the opportunity to become host parents for either a semester or a year for the 2014-2-15 school year. Students will be responsible for getting themselves places by carpooling or using CARTS. Host families can take them to school/work if they choose. Students will be providing their own funds for any other needs. Host families will receive a stipend of $200.00 a month along with the experience of a lifetime during this cultural exchange. Help students wanting to further their learning career in a whole new culture.

If you would like more information or would like to be apart of this unique program contact Mark Larson at (907) 252-3058 or Diane Taylor at (907) 262-0328 at the KPC Learning Center.

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