Prep Your Fireplace for Your Kenai or Soldotna Home


With the propane and natural gas prices continuing to rise you might be looking at going back to the old fashioned wood stove to heat your Kenai or Soldotna home. But before you go back to the wood stove, make sure you take some steps in trying to prevent a home fire that wood stoves can cause!

1. Hire a chimney sweep: Your chimney should be swept at least once a year so that there won’t be any debris or soot that could cause problems.

2. Check for damage: Your chimney sweeper should also check to make sure that your chimney’s structure doesn’t have any cracks or deteriorations.

3. Cap the chimney: Put a wire mesh cap over the top of the chimney to keep out squirrels, birds, rain, and any other debris from entering.

4. Burn seasoned hardwoods: Choose a dense wood that has been split and stored up high for at least 6 months. Pine creates more creosote that can build up in your chimney causing a fire.

5. Don’t overload your fire: Smaller fires generate less smoke and also less creosote. If you have a fire that’s very large or very hot it can crack your chimney.

6. Build it the correct way: Place your logs at the back of your fireplace on a metal grate. Make sure to use kindling instead of liquids to start your fire.

7. Use a spark guard: Use a wire mesh grate in front of your fireplace to keep those flying embers out of your room. It’s great for when the room is unoccupied.

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