Soldotna Deck Choice: Real or Fake?


Selling Your Home?  All Plans on Deck!

One Deck That’s Stacked For You

Selling your home in boom times can seem
like quite a different proposition from what we have today. But Kenai Peninsula
real estate veterans know that there are many factors that aren’t subject to
change. One of them is the basic arithmetic of residential space: bigger sells
for more. That’s where you — if you’re a Kenai Peninsula
homeowner thinking about selling your home this summer– can have make a real impact. Especially
if you think ‘deck’! A backyard deck can add outsized value
to any home by providing functional outdoor space – truly adding to the square
footage of usable living area throughout the seasons when weather allows. The
square footage on the listing may not reflect it, but when it comes to showings
and open houses, prospective buyers will remember the expansive feel that a
wide deck provides. If selling your home is in prospect, and
you are planning to build or remodel your own deck, one first decision has to
be made: use real wood or composite materials? A deck constructed of either
will generate additional interest and value when it comes to selling your home
— but each offers its own benefits and drawbacks. Wooden decks are considerably less
expensive to install than their composite counterparts. Because you can stain
wood to any color and shade, it’s easy to create a look that is compatible with
the rest of your landscaping. And let’s face it — wood offers unmatched
natural beauty. On the downside, wood decks require
plenty of maintenance. Sanding, sealing and staining may be worthwhile
projects, but are not everybody’s first choice for how to spend Saturday and
Sunday. On the other hand, while composite decking probably
retains a smaller percentage of its installation cost, with a composite deck,
virtually no maintenance is required – a fact that some prospective buyers will
appreciate. The boards, often made of recycled materials, do not fade, splinter
or split, as wood can. Despite the early composite offerings that were clearly
fake, many now closely mimic the look of natural wood. When it comes to selling your home on
the Kenai Peninsula, your remodeling decisions can play a decisive role. If you
are considering selling your home, contact me anytime to compare notes: I’m
here for my clients from first step to last.

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