Soldotna Investors Eye Flooring Decision


Both hardwood and carpeted flooring can
look great in any Soldotna property.
However, when that property is purchased by an investor whose intention is to
make it a lucrative long-term rental, hardwood floors can have a real advantage
over carpeting — for both durability and enhanced aesthetic appeal.


Yes, the initial investment is definitely more expensive. But hardwood floors are extremely durable: they
withstand years of the toughest use (by even the roughest of boots!). By
comparison, carpets tend to rip and stain easily. With replacement costs
starting in the neighborhood of $3.50 per square foot, that means their actual
property management expense will usually be higher. The resulting value to
present (or future) landlords can be considerable. Hardwood flooring also gives
any property a higher-end feel to it, which could tend to attract higher
quality tenants.


Canny Soldotna landlords know that there are both good and bad tenants out there; only time
can guarantee which kind will wind up in any given house. Although hiring a
great property management company is one step that goes a long way toward
keeping an income unit in great condition, over the years there is always a
risk that some renters may cause damage, leaving the landlord or property
management agency to deal with the mess after they move.  And the fact is that any carpet can be ruined
through one accidental stain — even by the most conscientious of occupants.
Conversely, if hardwood floors get scratched, it’s a fairly simple matter to
sand and re-varnish it a vacant property.


The only real downside to hardwood
floors — aside from the initial expense — is that they can make a house seem
a little ‘cold,’ while carpet can make a house feel cozier. It may not be the
responsibility of a property management firm to make a house feel cozy, but it
still can affect occupancy rates.
Nonetheless, many income property owners decide that it is not a good
enough reason to choose carpeting. They hope that hardwood’s durability is
equally valuable in the minds of the high quality tenants they hope to attract.


If you are a Soldotna investor considering buying an income property, or a current property owner
looking for a great property management company referral – give me a call to
discuss today’s options.  As an experienced and well-networked agent in Soldotna,
I always have a number of sound referrals I will be happy to share with you.

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