Space Heaters For Your Kenai Real Estate


When used safely (plugged into an outlet—not an extension cord—and kept at least 3 feet away from drapes, bedding, and furniture), a space heater lets you keep a small area of your Kenai or Soldotna home toasty without having to make the rest of the house feel like a sauna!!

Radiator Space Heater: Shaped like the traditional fixed kind, these heaters are filled with oil warmed by electricity. Oil retains heat well, so the devices give off warmth for a while even after they’re turned off. These space heaters are best used in living rooms and bedrooms.

Fan Forced Space Heater: A built-in ventilator blows air over heated metal coils. The air current can be adjusted to focus on only part of a room—like where you sit. Works best in work shops and offices.

Quartz/Carbon Space Heater: Often simply called “radiant heaters,” these devices use electromagnetic energy to heat objects (like you) rather than air. Those that use halogen bulbs usually run on a lower wattage than other space heaters. Works best in work shops and garages.

Ceramic Space Heater: Electricity heats up metal embedded in ceramic plates; the heat radiates to surrounding areas. Available in many shapes, they stay cool to the touch while providing quick, focused heating. These space heaters are used best in small offices and sunrooms!

Baseboard Space Heater: Air moves through copper tubes inside that are heated by electric cables. Many have integrated thermostats. These quiet, low-profile devices easily heat large spaces. These space heaters work great for family rooms and basements.

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