bigstock-Fragment-of-a-nice-house--26752106In today’s competitive residential market, success can sometimes come down to presentation: how well a home is staged. Something like 94% of homes that are well staged sell in just 29 days on average (this compared with the 145 days found it took to sell an UN-staged home). If you are selling your house in Kenai this fall and are aiming at a quicker sale, some simple DIY staging tips could help make the difference.

If you will be selling your Kenai Peninsula house soon, you can think of the fall weather as a boon. Kenai buyers will be receptive to that are warm, comfortable and inviting. Use these cues to help you decide on your color scheme. Choosing warm neutrals that make the space feel “homey” is many a pro’s choice.

Another great idea for fall home showings is to make some autumn goodies the morning of the showing. Scents like warm cookies, pumpkin pie and other evocative treats are just the thing to make buyers feel welcome and at home.

Selling your house needn’t break your piggy bank when it comes to staging, but you should be willing to spend at least a little. Get your cues from watching design shows or by reading through fall seasonal features in magazines. Little touches like furniture covers and small décor pieces may not cost a mint, but the effect can help you recoup more than the investment.

 Bear in mind the main strategy in staging is to help potential buyers feel at home in an environment that isn’t familiar. Selling your house can depend on their being able to walk in and immediately start imagining their belongings in your space. This is the ‘blank canvas’ effect. It means taking down family photos, storing knick-knacks and non-essential clutter. You’ll be doubly pleased when your home sells quickly and you’ve already gotten a head start on the move!

These and other simple home staging tips will prepare you for selling your Kenai Peninsula house more quickly — not to mention more profitably ­— this fall! Call me anytime this month for a no-obligation in-home market consultation.

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