Standout Qualities in Kenai Luxury Homes


Luxury Homes: How to Attract High-End

What Truly Makes a Kenai Luxury Home


Gracious living in a well-appointed home
may evoke visions of price tags in the millions of dollars, but not all true
luxury homes in Kenai fall into the seven-figure bracket.  If you are considering selling your own
high-end home, it’s important to consider your target buyer and the criteria
most of them bring to their Kenai property search. What for them constitutes
the definition of ‘luxury homes’?.


Although many features could be
considered as must-haves for the majority of luxury home listings, three
criteria in particular are usually included: well-planned and well-tended
grounds, high-quality materials, and distinctive amenities – custom features
not duplicated elsewhere.


To attract and suit a high-end buyer,
the grounds and landscaping of luxury homes need not be extraordinarily
expansive, although most buyers do prefer a spacious front lawn or plantings.
What matters most is that the grounds of luxury homes be artfully landscaped
and well maintained.  If your luxury home
is lacking superior outdoor space, this is one facet that will warrant
consultation with a landscape architect or designer. Adding thoughtful details
in this area can hugely enhance your property’s overall appeal.


Luxury homes distinguish themselves by
the quality of materials that is apparent from the first walk-through to the
final inspection. This encompasses not only the more obvious finishes: hardwood
floors, quality carpeting, leading appliances, etc., but also the actual
building materials and structural underpinnings.  The appeal of hastily built spec homes,
sometimes actually deserving the sly
“McMansion” nickname, has faded in favor or craftsman and artisan
homes.  If you don’t know who built your
home, find out.  There might be an
intriguing history there that sets your luxury home apart from its competitors
– an ‘angle’ that lends distinction.


A luxury home’s extra amenities can
markedly affect how it is perceived in the marketplace.  Is there a multicar garage? Is there an
amazing indoor or outdoor pool? Is there an entertainment room with theater
seating? A wine cellar? Tennis court? Designer kitchen?  While lot size and footprint are important
elements in pricing a property, the level of finish and unique design features
are what usually close the sale.


If you are preparing to sell a Kenai
luxury home, an important first step will be to consult an experienced agent
well in advance because some improvements take time before their full value is
realized.  Contact me anytime to schedule
a consultation. It can make all the difference!

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