Step-by-Step Outline for Selling a Kenai Peninsula Home


All of life’s major projects take
preparation, and selling a home in the Kenai Peninsula area
requires just that.  Contacting my office
is a pretty good place to begin, because selling a home efficiently and within
a reasonable amount of time most often takes extensive knowledge of the local market. A checklist is a good way to
introduce the steps you can take to prepare for selling a home. Here’s a quick
overview of five of the items I include in that checklist:


1. The obvious first step is identifying any major
problems and determining what should be done about them. Decide whether you are
going to fix items like roof leaks, rewiring, insect infestations or the
presence of asbestos — or whether you are going to reduce your asking price to
reflect any unremediated issues.  I can
provide input to help you establish where possible value may be added or lost,
and what is worth your time and investment to fix.


2. Whenever you return home, take a moment to pause and
visualize what someone driving by for the first time will see. Make a solid
first impression by tidying the front yard and keeping the lawn neatly cut and
edged. Strategically place colorful flowers in planters where that is
appropriate. Repair fences and gates, and be certain that they look freshly
painted. And if Fido has the run of the place, be sure that his (ahem!)
evidence is nowhere to be seen.


3. Stage your home to maximize its
appeal – and keep in mind that staging needs to be fresh for every prospect.
Remove any unnecessary furniture. That may well mean renting a storage unit to
place it and all other clutter into (it’s bound to be a better solution than
trying to jam everything into closets or the garage!). Paint walls in light,
neutral colors. Remove heavy window treatments to let in as much light as you
can (the ‘cheeriness factor’). Keep the kitchen and bathroom as spotless
as possible. Make sure that your home smells fresh by opening windows and using
flowers, candles or air fresheners; but be careful not to overdo it.   I can be especially helpful at this stage,
and if it’s indicated, we can discuss whether it makes sense to hire a
professional stager.


4. Have the property’s value appraised,
and educate yourself about the competition. For a bank to issue a loan, your
home must compare favorably with similar properties on the market. When we sit
down to establish a list price, we’ll need to keep that research and the recent
and best comparables in mind.


5. This is my favorite to-do item: Be prepared to go!  If a move is going to be in your future, you
should begin the hunt for a new home, and be prepared to move quickly once you
have an executed offer!


These are just a few of the steps I help
my clients take before listing to get top dollar for their properties.  If you are considering selling a home on the Kenai Peninsula, call me today to see how I can put my
marketing experience to work for you.

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