Soldotna Real Estate Investment Properties Can Use Some Bird-Dogging!

by Chris Druesedow July 16, 2014

When promising investment properties, in Alaska Real Estate or anywhere, are well-promoted, you can count on them drawing a crowd. Why wouldn’t they? Investment properties that perform well are like money machines: put in a quarter, get back a quarter and a nickel (and another nickel, and another, and another…). What’s not to like? But not all Real Estate Soldotna investment properties are well-promoted. There can be any number of reasons why, but the bottom line is that some of the best ones are hard to sniff out. In that case, they may take a “Bird Dog” to discover. A word about the term. Ask any hunter (or even any regular viewer of Duck Dynasty—and … Continue reading

When Selling a Home in Soldotna Real Estate, Upgrade Choices Really Matter

by Chris Druesedow July 15, 2014
Soldotna Real Estate

For owners who are contemplating some major upgrades with an eye to eventually selling a home in Alaska Real Estate, there’s always the question of where to do the upgrading. Last year, the National Association of Home Builders weighed in with a study of what today’s home buyer “really want”—which supplies some guidance that may be helpful. Although the findings aren’t directly applicable for every home, the concepts that were cited as most popular can be informative, particularly to creative-minded homeowners ready to take a fresh look at how they might add allure and value to their property. While the kitchen remains the top location for upgrades, there are several other valuable options for adding … Continue reading

Recognizing the Right Realtor® in Soldotna Real Estate: Key Points

by Chris Druesedow July 10, 2014

When you set about buying a house, you will have already taken as a given that this will be among the most expensive purchases you will ever make. It’s going to be your house on the line; you’ll want to make sure you have the top resources in your arsenal. Chief among them will be having a Realtor® in Alaska Real Estate who understands your goals, respects your bottom line—and who sees the joint goal the way you do: recognizing the right properties when they become available, and helping to remove any and all obstacles to securing it. But this summer, just how will you recognize the Realtor® in Real Estate Soldotna who fits the … Continue reading

Buying a Home in Soldotna Real Estate with No Owner Disclosures

by Chris Druesedow June 24, 2014

Suppose that in the course of buying a home in Alaska Real Estate, your eye is drawn to a bank-owned home, or a home held in a trust. There are many reasons why you could find yourself buying a Soldotna Real Estate  home that’s currently vacant—which can also mean that the usual owner disclosures are not to be had. There are perfectly innocent reasons why this situation develops. Suppose the sellers of the property have just inherited it. How would they know that water tends to pool under the house during a strong rainstorm? Or that unpermitted repairs were made to the electric wiring in the kitchen? If thoughts like these cause beads of sweat … Continue reading

Soldotna Real Estate Rental Property: Investment Idea Worth Pondering

by Chris Druesedow June 23, 2014

When any investor first begins to mull over the idea of acquiring a rental property in Alaska Real Estate, it’s usually in competition with an array of other investment types—each with its inherent plusses and minuses. Some of them are new ideas (new technology company stocks; new forms of commercial exchange)—but real estate is definitely not one of those. It may not be innovative, but being a landlord has always been one of the leading sources of passive income. What is exciting about rental property is why it has always been recognized as a sound investment. When the income from a Real Estate Soldotna rental property is able to pay for its own underlying mortgage, … Continue reading

Soldotna Real Estate Seller Financing Agreements Can Make Deals Happen!

by Chris Druesedow June 23, 2014
Soldotna Real Estate

When home prices in Alaska Real Estate are on the rise, one side effect is that first-time homebuyers may run into a financing obstacle. Although the stricter lending standards of the past few years have been easing somewhat, it still can be difficult for some folks (younger buyers, especially) to purchase the Real Estate Kenai home they have in their sights. In that situation, an alternative to a traditional bank mortgage is seller financing. Many prospective buyers know little about the details that make up a seller financing agreement, and how it can–or cannot—help them secure a home. What Seller Financing Is…  It’s as simple as the words themselves. When part or all of the … Continue reading

Listing Your Soldotna Real Estate House after It’s Been on the Market

by Chris Druesedow June 19, 2014

Listing your house in Alaska Real Estate anew after it’s lingered on the market for a while can bring surprisingly quick success…with the right tactics. The truth is, if a home hasn’t sold in today’s market, there is usually an identifiable reason. Here are some tips that can reverse what happened when listing your house the first time failed to strike pay dirt: • Compare prices of comparable homes that have sold in your neighborhood, and use those as the benchmarks. If your area listing was priced to allow 10-20% for negotiating room, that’s the likely culprit. Consider listing your Real Estate Kenai house at 1% to 5% below your competitors—it’s a proven way to … Continue reading

Bringing Some Basic DIY Chops to a Soldotna Real Estate New Home

by Chris Druesedow June 18, 2014

Imagine the first time you turn the front door key to a new Alaska Real Estate home—the first time you step over the threshold of the home you now own. It’s a moment to truly savor. Whether it’s a feeling of well-being—that of a major milestone successfully accomplished—or just the sheer joy of appreciating the milestone it represents, it’s a moment you’d be remembering for a very long time. But after the joy (eventually) comes another moment: one that’s all but inevitable. It’s when you first begin to notice flaws in your new home you didn’t see before. Don’t worry! Most of them will be little imperfections that can be banished with simple Do-It-Yourself fixes. … Continue reading

Soldotna Real Estate Home Prices—Straying into ‘Bubble’ Territory?

by Chris Druesedow June 17, 2014

For the past two years national home prices have risen sharply, which might lead to the conclusion that they are overpriced. In fact, if we’re to believe the most recent report by real estate website Trulia, they are still 5% undervalued when measured against long-term fundamentals. So will this summer’s home prices in Alaska Real Estate be broaching unsustainable levels—or will they be reasonable? The Problem of Measuring Only Home Price Increases Real estate price increases by themselves are poor indicators of over- or undervalued real estate. Because of the headlong drop in real estate prices in 2007, throughout most of the country, prices have increased significantly without approaching the previous highs. A well-publicized example … Continue reading

Increasingly Important Soldotna Real Estate Market: International Home Buyers

by Chris Druesedow June 16, 2014

International home buyers are becoming an increasingly important part of the national real estate landscape. According to the National Association of Realtors®, home buyers from around the globe are spending billions on property in the U.S. Many of these well-heeled international home buyers don’t require financing—which means the sales are often easy to accomplish (for example, last year, 70% of houses bought by Chinese buyers closed in cash!). But that’s not to say that marketing to out-of-country buyers is a snap. If you have a property in Alaska Real Estate you believe could have foreign appeal, read on. There are some specific ins and outs for marketing to international home buyers: Since many prospective international … Continue reading

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