Digging for the True Cost of a New Soldotna Real Estate Home

by Chris Druesedow July 28, 2014

When you begin scouring the Alaska Real Estate listings for a new home, the cost of the home appears to be right there at the top: the asking price. All the other details about the property are there, too, but they usually get close attention only after that dollar amount at the top falls within (well, is at least close to) your target number. But as soon as the shopping starts to narrow the field, the financial implications of those other details begin to reveal themselves. Good thing! In fact, the true bottom line cost of your new Soldotna Real Estate home will be greatly affected by them. Many buyers work with the details exactly as presented—but as a purchase … Continue reading

Soldotna Real Estate Rental Property: Investment Idea Worth Pondering

by Chris Druesedow June 23, 2014

When any investor first begins to mull over the idea of acquiring a rental property in Alaska Real Estate, it’s usually in competition with an array of other investment types—each with its inherent plusses and minuses. Some of them are new ideas (new technology company stocks; new forms of commercial exchange)—but real estate is definitely not one of those. It may not be innovative, but being a landlord has always been one of the leading sources of passive income. What is exciting about rental property is why it has always been recognized as a sound investment. When the income from a Real Estate Soldotna rental property is able to pay for its own underlying mortgage, … Continue reading

Listing Your Soldotna Real Estate House after It’s Been on the Market

by Chris Druesedow June 19, 2014

Listing your house in Alaska Real Estate anew after it’s lingered on the market for a while can bring surprisingly quick success…with the right tactics. The truth is, if a home hasn’t sold in today’s market, there is usually an identifiable reason. Here are some tips that can reverse what happened when listing your house the first time failed to strike pay dirt: • Compare prices of comparable homes that have sold in your neighborhood, and use those as the benchmarks. If your area listing was priced to allow 10-20% for negotiating room, that’s the likely culprit. Consider listing your Real Estate Kenai house at 1% to 5% below your competitors—it’s a proven way to … Continue reading

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