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by Chris Druesedow February 26, 2014
Kenai Land for Sale, Kenai Real Estate

Search for beautiful Kenai Land for Sale.  Find Kenai Real Estate and Land for Sale, sign up for email alerts when Kenai real estate hits the market.  Kenai Real Estate is in a HOT MARKET. At the heart of the Kenai Peninsula is the city of Kenai (Kee-Nie). With a population of 7,100, Kenai is full of breathtaking scenery and amazing wildlife, it also has a prolific history of native and Russian settlements and culture. Kenai was incorporated in 1960 and is 29 square miles. This is the place to go if you are looking for an Alaskan adventure and it also provides something for everyone. The Kenai River is known worldwide for its fishing. … Continue reading


by Chris Druesedow February 21, 2014
Soldotna Real Estate

Today’s Internet-savvy home seller knows that before potential Kenai Real Estate buyers even make their way to a home’s online listing they may already have been exposed to the property’s pictures posted elsewhere. Since first impressions can be decisive, it’s all the more reason to heed something that advertising professionals have always known: the viewer’s eye is automatically drawn directly to any visible flaws. That’s why, if you want to entice more buyers by posting the most attractive teaser pics of your Kenai home, you need to think in staging terms. Professional staging is the most foolproof way to create flawless images, of course — but there are also some easy and inexpensive approaches to … Continue reading


by Chris Druesedow February 21, 2014
Soldotna Real Estate

Consumer confidence certainly seems to wax and wane in a not-totally-predictable manner. What does seem clear is that when the future is cloudy, Kenai Real Estate homebuyers tend to tighten up their purse strings. It’s logical: if you can plan ahead with a greater degree of certainty, you feel better about making the kind of commitment buying a Kenai Real Estate home entails. If you plan on selling your home in Kenai Real Estate this winter, you may not be able to do much about whether the economy grows or tanks, or the Federal Reserve expands or shrinks the money supply. But there IS at least one thing you can do to remove uncertainty from … Continue reading

First-Time Soldotna Real Estate Buyers Should Check Credit Scores Early

by January 8, 2014

It can take years for Soldotna Real Estate first-time buyers to save up for their first home’s down payment, but even after that hurdle has been cleared, it can take even more time to secure a mortgage — if they have neglected the other part of the equation. Their credit rating. Before first-time buyers in Soldotna Real Estate will be able to move forward with that initial home purchase, they need to ensure that their credit score does not raise the kind of questions that sometimes derails an otherwise well-qualified home loan applicant. This has always been true, but may become even more likely as lending limitations grow increasingly strict. But it’s the occasional recording … Continue reading

Selling a Soldotna Real Estate Home this Winter From the Strongest Position

by January 7, 2014
Soldotna Real Estate

The signs are positive for those who will be putting their home on the Soldotna Real Estate market this winter. Demand is there, mortgage rates are still low, and across the nation, prices are pointing higher. If you will be selling a home in town anytime soon, there are some extra steps you can take to strengthen your position. Clarify Your Finances Getting a home loan will be the concern of the buyer, not you. She or he will have to fill out the forms, go through the credit checks, etc. More subtle is the impact your own financial picture can have on the process of selling a home. If you will be moving to … Continue reading

Soldotna Real Estate Values: The Outlook for 2014

by January 6, 2014
Soldotna Real Estate Values

If there is one question that homeowners and prospective shoppers have in common as we enter the New Year, it’s about the direction of Soldotna real estate values in 2014. Small wonder: the financial market meltdown of the last decade had such a profound impact on all forms of real estate that it still has many people looking nervously over their shoulders. How likely is another tumble in the coming 12 months? Will real estate values in Soldotna Real Estate continue to rise? Knowing the answer could make a big difference to anyone planning to buy or sell a home in Soldotna this year. Of course, absolute certainty on that score is not possible for … Continue reading

How a Kenai Real Estate Home Stager’s Experience Can Pay Off

by January 3, 2014
How a Kenai Real Estate Home Stager’s Experience Can Pay Off

When you put your home on the market, one of the decisions it’s easy to overlook is whether to engage a Kenai Real Estate home stager. Especially if you know you have a good eye for décor or have experience in the visual arts, it may not seem necessary to call in a heavy-duty home staging pro to get your place in shape to sell. It’s certainly not a requirement for listing, but using a professional home staging company can be invaluable for a number of practical reasons: Your home is lived-in That does give it a warm, comfortable feeling, but that’s seldom as saleable as a home that presents itself as open and slightly … Continue reading

Isolate Emotions from Decisions When Buying a Home in Soldotna Real Estate

by January 2, 2014
Isolate Emotions from Decisions When Buying a Home in Soldotna Real Estate

You’re nearing your goal of buying a home in Soldotna Real Estate! You have zeroed in on a property, submitted your offer, and heeded your agent’s advice and ordered a home inspection. Soooo…what if the inspector finds major issues nobody expected? While most home inspections only uncover small problems that can be fixed easily, some do turn up serious issues. In 2013, 16% of REALTORS® reported sales that went off track due to the inspector’s findings. What’s your best course of action if that happens? Buying a home after major problems have been identified should only proceed after you know how much time and money it will take to solve them. Whether you are dealing … Continue reading

2013 New Year’s Roundup Confirms Soldotna Real Estate Trends

by December 30, 2013
Soldotna Real Estate Trends

It’s time for this Soldotna real estate observer to tackle the New Year’s roundup of the Year in Real Estate (along with the traditional disclaimer that, since the actual statistics won’t be tallied until 2014, this has to be a lot more sizzle than steak!) But this is one time in the year when we Soldotna residents get to take pause to relax, perhaps put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge for later on, and take a sweeping view of the general direction of things across the land. If you’ve been reading here throughout the year, you already know that 2013 Soldotna real estate activity might easily justify chilling a superior vintage champagne: it’s … Continue reading

Is Buying a Kenai Real Estate Condo Right for You?

by December 26, 2013
Is Buying a Kenai Real Estate Condo Right for You

Existing home sales rose nationally throughout 2013 – and included in those numbers were a good many condominiums. If 2014 will find you investigating the market for a new home, it may be time to give condo living a serious thought.  Buying a condo in Kenai Real Estate can provide many of the benefits of home ownership minus much of the worry that goes with keeping your property. Of course, whether buying a condo is the right housing solution depends on the buyer as well as the particular condo itself – but there are some generalities usually hold true. Most condominiums include a variety of amenities for the owners. There may be an on-site fitness … Continue reading

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