What is Your Soldotna Home Worth?


Figuring out home values when
the market is in flux is truly a job for experts. We have seen the national
real estate market begin to rebound, and expect Soldotna
home values to soon start to reflect movement as well. Most local homeowners
are in the habit of keeping an eye on area home values. But especially for
anyone considering buying or selling summer,
estimating their home’s value is one of the first items on the agenda.

To get you started, there are a
couple of different methods to help establish a ballpark estimate of what your
home may currently be worth.

Certainly the quickest and
easiest tool is the calculator on Bank of America’s website, at
http://realestatecenter.bankofamerica.com/tools/marketvalue.aspx.  This free online calculator uses accumulated
public record data joined with other factors to produce an estimate of home
values. All you need to do is enter your address and wait for the magic.

I do have to put in a word of
caution, though. Like any computer program, it’s fast and precise –but also
maddeningly capable of disregarding what we humans think of as ‘common sense.’
So, while it is fun and interesting to get this kind of readout, it’s at best a
ballpark estimate (and at worst, downright misleading!).

There are many other sites
boasting similar tools — variations of the same idea and pulling from slightly
different data sets — but the approach they use to calculate home values stays
the pretty much the same. You only need to enter your address and there you go:
instant estimate.

While these calculators are
great at aggregating data, nothing replaces human input.  Real estate is, after all, the very
definition of a local occurrence, so if you’re looking for more than an
estimate, it’s time to call the pros in.

When an experienced agent
(someone like yours truly) creates their professional estimate, it not only
takes into account the trends for properties closest to yours, but also
incorporates real life features — such as the curb appeal your home and garden
offers right now. The better kept your property is at any given time, the
greater its estimated value should be. An agent can also suggest the small
changes that work best to enhance a property’s value.

If you have been considering
selling a home and are curious about today’s Soldotna
home values, call me anytime for a complimentary (and 100% human) consultation!

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